Not enough time in the day to walk your dog ?

Cant' get time off work to take your pet to the vet ?

No-one to look after your pet/home when you are away ?

No time to pick up pet food / litter / toys etc ?


We would like to offer you a service where you can continue your day to day life knowing that your beloved pet (or home), will be looked after with lots of love and attention while you are not there. Why not check out our Services Available and see if The Dashing White Rabbit can help you ?

Do you ever find yourself at work worrying that you can't get home during the day to take your dog out ? Then why not have a look at our Dog Walking service ? Maybe we can help !!

Have you ever tried to get time off work to take your pet to the vet, only to be met by an unsympathetic boss? Then maybe our Pet Taxi service could be helpful to you? Are you going on holiday, or away on business and don't want your beloved animal put through any extra stress? Then maybe our Pet Sitting or House Sitting service might be the answer?

Even small animals such as gerbils, hamsters, birds and rabbits all need fed, watered and of course some TLC. We will also open/close curtains, water your plants, collect your mail and even fill your fridge for your return, in order for you to take care of your business or relax on holiday, knowing back home, everything is being cared for.

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